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Discover the "Wine and Olive Route" around the Central Albania - Albanian Food Tours 2018

on Thursday, 12 April 2018. Posted in Itinerare

A long culinary tour, wineries and extra virgin olive oil factories in the Tirana-Durres area

Discover the
This tour is offered from the Regional Developmet Agency 2
Should we suggest and you accept a culinary travel-tale through Middle Albania, it is likely that those who are at least a little familiar with that part of Albania would think of the traditional dishes like ‘tava e dheut’, ‘tava e kosit’, all kinds of roasted meat, and other dishes either inherited or influenced from the Ottoman cuisine that presently has gained all of its own characteristics and is called the Middle Albania Cuisine.
We, in fact, would introduce this beautiful part of Albania to you in a completely different way – by presenting two ancient cultures in Albania: vine-growing and olive-growing.
Our country, as a typical Mediterranean country, is a well provided one for the cultivation of vine and, as the archeological findings show, it is one of the most ancient places of vine-growing. Presently, the enological market in Albania is represented by several successful wine producers like Kallmeti, Arbëri, Kokomani, Belba, Bardha, Herta, Skënderbeu, etc. who are now working together with the native viticulturists, agronomists and enologists to implement their know-how in the Albanian land.
So, as soon as you would find yourself among the endless vineries where we are about to travel to, or in any of the wineries like the wonderful Kokomani Winery, you couldn’t probably help yourself exclaiming in amazement: “What does Tuscany has more?”
Naturally Tuscany has more, but the Middle Albania has a lot too. It presently is the richest area in wineries in Albania that produce a high quality wine well confirmed by the numerous prizes awarded in national and international events. It also has an abundant amount of traditional factories that produce extra virgin olive oil. We are about to show you the best of this agro-tourist industry that entered the list of tourist itineraries right away.

The North Albania itineraries, not only culinary but also a pilgrimage in history, in authentic natural heritage and in the Albanian culture

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Albanian Food Tours 2018 - The Best Culinary Tours from Travel Magazine

The North Albania itineraries, not only culinary but also a pilgrimage in history, in  authentic natural heritage and in the Albanian culture

This long culinary and cultural tour is offered from CABRA, a GIZ project, in collaboration with Regional Developmet Agency 1 
Prepared from: Luan Dervishej

Albania is as small as also big: most of the edges of Albania can now be easily reached and with the increase of tourists’ interest for exploration and improvement of touristic supply, the range and density of cultural and natural assets enjoyed by the visitors proves a wealth with substantial values. Nowadays, to travel from Tirana to the northernmost point Vermosh, it could be achieved within 4 hours drive. However, as a tourist we want to explore step by step the touristic attractions along the way, which would extend the travelling time up to a week.
Gastronomy degustation as part of tourism should not be left out from the exploration of nature and cultures of the destinations. This means to dive in and understand the environment, traditions, the origin of the products and the culture behind cooking. At this point, you can understand and choose what is special and authentic, an experience that you can probably find it even at a modest corner.
What you will need is: the desire to ask, to explore and enjoy the beauty; the necessary information and reference for the destinations, and a mobile phone with google map. For tourists who are not keen to drive themselves and undertake such adventures, with the exception of the road Qafë-Thore-Theth, all the other main destinations as described could be reached with common cars as the roads are well asphalted.
Beyond experiencing and enjoying the touristic journey, the itineraries offer a possibility of enrichment for the memories and the photography archive; enrichment from historical and geographical knowledge; enrichment of the house basket with local products and why not the feeling of appreciations for the country’s values.
The touristic package of the north itinerary exposes a touristic arrangement that covers a region with a historical cohesion, cultural and geographical, which is an important part of the identity and the Albanian autochthonous heritage.
Therefore, in accordance with the cultural or natural interest, the exploration of the region could be experienced as a pilgrimage in history, cultural heritage and Albanian nature.
The itineraries in the district cover all the main categories of the touristic products: natural, rural, cultural. Products of the sun and wind originated from a complex picturesque view and biodiversity. The wide range of biodiversity passes through areas and parks awarded with national values, international or regional like the reservoir of Kune – Vain, up to the protected area of Buna river, near the Natural Park of Shkoda’s lake, the regional park of Shkrel, the National Park of Theth and even up to Vermosh as the future park of the Albanian Alps. The itineraries pass through the Adriatic coast across lagoons, exotic and affirmed beaches, fields and hills areas rich with not only agro-biodiversity but also historical and cultural. On the way you get to pass by the large water streams rivers like Drini and Buna, offering picturesque mountains river valleys like Kiri, Rrjolli, Prroi i Thate, Cemi or Vermoshi. It follows with Shkodra’s lake and panoramic villages, cities with a rich historical and cultural heritage like Shkodra, considered the capital of the northern region of the country that stretches beyond the borders and the Albanian Alps, which are the symbol of mountains and heroic heritage of the Albanian landscape.
The touristic package includes different regional destinations where you can spend a whole day and one night stop. The itineraries consist in embracing cultural, historical, regional, natural, rural, agro-biodiversity and gastronomy heritage, with a dominant main theme of different specialties from the respective areas.

Through the mountains, towards the sea, in the tracks of King Skerdilajd - Albanin Great Escapes 2017

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Përmes maleve drejt detit, në gjurmët e Skerdilajdit - Itineraret më të Bukura Shqiptare 2017

Through the mountains,  towards the sea, in the tracks  of King Skerdilajd - Albanin Great Escapes 2017
English / Shqip
This ride follows in the tracks of King Ilirian Skerdilajd, on his way to conquer Kaonia 2,300 years ago. Experience unspoilt nature, colourful culture heritage, welcoming people and ride reliable, strong horses. Wind your way through a variety of landscapes combining mountain climbing, steep downhill and uphill rides, river crossings, woods and the seaside. Here you will find ancient ruins, castles, churches and monasteries sitting adjacent to the bunkers and military infrastructure from communist past. During this period of isolation and militarization, communist leaders built around 750,000 bunkers of defense in case of attack from western “enemies”.
This is a mountainous trail ride with around 6 hours riding and some walking every day. The horses are small but very robust and surefooted Arab and Tarpan cross. Participation in this trail will allow you to experience true Albania with the best local cuisine, history and hospitality. You will be accommodated in local or family guesthouses every night where your host families will provide a delicious local meal and conversation is enjoyed by all over dinner. Most of the dishes are homemade while fruits, vegetables and meat come from local gardens and farms.
From May to the end of September you can enjoy swimming in the sea (without horses) on two of the trail days.

Puka, the hidden paradise of adventure tourism - Albanian Great Escapes 2017

on Monday, 12 February 2018. Posted in Itinerare

Puka, parajsa e fshehur e turistëve të aventurës - Itineraret më të bukura shqiptare 2017

Puka,  the hidden  paradise of adventure tourism - Albanian Great Escapes 2017
English / Shqip
Puka is a small town but with a magnificent landscape, surrounded by a variety of unique landscape. Puka district, to the nature and geographical location it has, is more convenient for tours of various kinds, for all sports and adventure as for rally and bicycles, water tours in lakes and rivers etc. Different routes can be performed in Mount Tërbuni, Mount Munella or Krabi, etc., as well as hiking, bicycle riding or driving of motorbikes. The development of Rally Albania on the frontier of Puka, "certified" them as the most suitable areas to be discovered by lovers of adventure. We're just describing some of the many tours that you can do in Puke, which undoubtedly should seek the help of Dajti Alpino Touristic Association, which has marked paths for most of these tours and that is able to lead expertly towards the paths of Puka, the broom of unforgettable experience. You can seek the assistance of the staff of the municipality of Puka which can give you the necessary information for these areas.

The Trail of Taste - Shtegu i Shijes: Kosova - Albania - Montenegro. Albanian Great Escapes 2017

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Përmes shijeve unike nëpër shtegun Shqipëri-Kosovë-Mali i Zi

 The Trail of Taste - Shtegu i Shijes: Kosova - Albania - Montenegro. Albanian Great Escapes 2017
English / Shqip
A tasteful journey through the beautiful mountain paths of Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro, recognizing the characteristic cuisine of each area, the forgotten remedies that are being resurfaced and the healthiest foods, most of which produces from nature itself and the rest, from the golden hands of these hospitable and bourgeois inhabitants. This trail is also part of the "Bread, salt and heart" project, realized by Vis Albania and the "Spirit of Kelmend".